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Hats off to our graduates

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Hats off to our graduates
Article date: 21 Jan 2013

Wetherspoon’s pub managers and head office staff are pictured at their graduation ceremony at Leeds Metropolitan University.

A total of 71 received their professional diploma, while an additional 12 gained their BSc honours degree in leisure retail management, having already achieved their professional diploma.

Wetherspoon has been offering its staff the opportunity to undertake the diploma since 2004 and the degree since 2006.

Wetherspoon’s senior training development manager, Steph Kersey, said: “We are delighted for all of our new graduates.

“The diploma offers them valuable business and management skills to develop their individual management style; the degree enables them to build on that knowledge and study a range of new subjects, including business strategy, creativity, innovation and corporate social responsibility.

“Our staff are vital to the success of our individual pubs and the company itself – and we believe in offering them every opportunity to develop their skills and career with Wetherspoon.”

Barry Martin, pub manager at The Sanderling, Glasgow airport, said: “The diploma is an invaluable tool which will be of benefit to me and The Sanderling itself.”

Linda Macchia, who gained her degree, added: “The topics which I studied were very interesting and it has given me the opportunity to look at Wetherspoon and the overall industry in a new light."

“It has encouraged me to look at the bigger picture and think more strategically – and this is a definite benefit.”

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