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Golden memories

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Golden memories
Article date: 04 Nov 2011

A chance meeting in a Wetherspoon pub in Suffolk helped to turn the clock back, more than seven decades, for two regular customers.

Harry Plumb and Russell Cornwell are both weekly visitors to The Golden Lion, in Newmarket.

On one particular market day, the pub was so busy that Harry needed to share a table with two strangers, Russell and his wife Jill, to eat lunch.

During the meal, the three got chatting together and exchanging stories, before Harry and Russell realised that they already knew each other.

The two men last met in 1939, having attended the same school, they joined the armed forces at the same time, before going their separate ways off to war.

Harry (left), now aged 89, and Russell (right) aged 85, now have 72 years of catching up to do, over future lunches together at The Golden Lion.

Bar associate Diana Henderson, who regularly serves them on market day, said: “If it hadn’t been for their local Wetherspoon, they may never have met up again.”

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