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Getting the work-life balance right

Getting the work-life balance right
Article date: 05 Mar 2014

As any working mum will know, getting the right balance between career and family is a tough juggling act.


Pub manager Jenny Farr, who runs The Crown Rivers, at Heathrow airport’s terminal five, together with her husband Graham, is a mum of two. She understands how difficult it can be for mothers to enjoy a family life, with enough time for their children, as well as pursue a career.

Some companies make that more difficult than others. Jenny loves working for Wetherspoon, as she believes that the company gets the balance just right. Jenny said: As any parent knows, juggling work and a job can be extremely difficult, but I believe I have found the perfect balance of both.

I have had two children, while working for Wetherspoon, and have had fantastic support from the company, as well as from my colleagues.

Following an eight-month maternity leave period, I came back to work in the
summer and, in agreement with my area manager, I returned to the pub for
three days a week. This arrangement has enabled me to spend the other four days
of the week just being ‘mum’.

Jenny explained: That first year of your child’s life is magical and goes by so
quickly. It was vitally important to me to create a bond with my daughter.
Jessica is now one year old, loves going to nursery, playing with other children and
gaining confidence every day. Luke is in Year 2 at school and is now getting into the
routine of having homework, which I now have the time to help with.

I intend to add another day to my week soon and eventually come back full time again. I am truly grateful to be working for such an understanding and flexible company.

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