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From pub to health ‘spar’

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From pub to health ‘spar’
Article date: 08 Aug 2012

Between the two Wetherspoon outlets in Birkenhead, there is friendly rivalry which extends beyond the pub and into the boxing ring.

Will Malone, shift manager at The Brass Balance, and Lewis Kearney, bar associate at The John Laird, are not only brothers-in-law, but sparring partners at a local boxing gym.

Will, pictured right, took up boxing eight months ago, joining Lewis at the nearby 12 Quays Gym, in a bid to get fit.

Will, 26, said: “My young son Zach is 21 months old, and I thought it about time that I started to look after myself for him and get healthy.

“Lewis asked me to go along and train, spar with him and have a few bouts with the guys at the gym. I am now boxing once a week and jogging in Birkenhead Park four
times a week to build my stamina.”

Lewis, a new dad himself to Oliver Lewis, started boxing as a youngster, from age nine until 13 years old, returning to the ring eight months ago and has yet to lose a fight.

Lewis, 24, said: “I have had four fights and won them all. So far so good – and I have a busy time ahead with more bouts planned at home in Birkenhead and away.”

He joined the company six months ago and is enjoying his job at The John Laird.

Lewis (left) said: “It is the best job I’ve had. It is hard work and very busy, but I enjoy it very much and hope to try to climb the ladder with Wetherspoon.”

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