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Five-star performance in Lisburn

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Five-star performance in Lisburn
Article date: 01 Jul 2009

The Tuesday Bell, in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, has become the only pub in the town to win a five-star rating in the city council’s ‘Scores on the Doors’ hygiene awards.

It was awarded the highest-possible rating, following an inspection at the pub.

The pub was rigorously judged on hygiene (including food-handling and temperature-control), structure (including cleanliness, condition of structure, lighting, ventilation) and washing facilities, as well as confidence in management (including evidence of a satisfactory food-safety-management system).

The pub’s manager, Phil Annett, said: “We are delighted to have achieved the highest rating possible and proud to be the only pub in Lisburn to have done so.

“Our ‘Scores on the Doors’ rating highlights perfectly our commitment to hygiene at all times and illustrates this to our customers too.”

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