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Fitting launch for sailing memoirs

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Fitting launch for sailing memoirs
Article date: 19 Feb 2013

The Sir Alec Rose provided an apt venue for a book-signing for local authors and regular Wetherspoon customers Audrey and Tony Walter.

The pub, situated on the marina in Port Solent, is named after solo yachtsman Alec Rose who circum-navigated the world and was knighted in 1968, after his 354-day trip.

The book, called A Leap of Faith, by Audrey and Tony (pictured), is the true story of the husband-and-wife team who spent two years sailing around the world, leaving from the Port Solent Marina in August 2007.

Audrey said: “Both of us had compiled diaries and Tony had kept a log book. We told all the funny stories and the scary bits and the things that went wrong.

“It was then that people suggested to us that we should write a book all about our experiences.”

Tony added: “We never did it to make money and we don’t really have any publishing experience. We just wanted to put all our thoughts down. It’s amazing really because it’s so gratifying to see it in print.”

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