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Excellent innings at Trent Bridge

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Excellent innings at Trent Bridge
Article date: 21 Mar 2013

The Trent Bridge Inn, in Nottingham, has been recognised by members of its local Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) branch.

Pub manager Daniel ‘Chad’ Chadaway (right) is pictured receiving the ‘pub of excellence’ award from Nottingham CAMRA members: (left to right) membership secretary Alan Ward, social secretary Ray Kirby and chairman Steve Westby.

Steve Westby said: “The Trent Bridge Inn (TBI) was awarded Nottingham branch’s ‘pub of excellence’ award to acknowledge the effort which the pub has made for the benefit of drinkers, in line with the general aims of CAMRA.

“Since the TBI was radically refurbished by Wetherspoon, it has done a tremendous job in offering an excellent range of beers and ciders to its customers.

“Many people feel that it is now the best Wetherspoon pub in Britain.”

Chad said: “Many thanks to Nottingham CAMRA. We are all delighted with the acknowledgement.”

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