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Essential Wisdom proves learning can be fun

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Essential Wisdom proves learning can be fun
Article date: 23 Nov 2011

A new edition of the classic trivia book, ‘CAMRA’s Book of Beer Knowledge’, features a number of Wetherspoon-related items.

The book, whose sub title is ‘Essential Wisdom for the Discerning Drinker’ is written by award-winning beer writer Jeff Evans.

It is loaded with beer facts, feats, records, stats and anecdotes from the world of beer, pubs and brewing related subjects.

Two pages of the book relate to Wetherspoon pubs named after famous people.

These include The John Logie Baird, in Hastings, Sussex, named after the man who pioneered television experiments in the town and The Rupert Brooke, in Rugby, named for the World War One war poet born in the Warwickshire town.

Other examples are The Alexander Graham Bell, in Edinburgh, the home city of the telephone pioneer and also The Rohan Kanhai, in Ashington, Northumberland, named after the West Indies’ cricketer who played for the local club.

The book also points to the fact that Wetherspoon is renowned for “reviving old, often large, town-centre premises by turning them into pubs”.

Amongst those featured are The Bank Statement, in Swansea, (former bank), The Square Peg, in Birmingham (former department store), The Playhouse, in Colchester (former theatre) and The Earl of Zetland ,in Grangemouth (former church).

And The Crosse Keys in Gracechurch Street, City of London, is named as one of the ten outstanding London Pubs and Bars.

CAMRA’s Book of Beer Knowledge is available from bookshops priced £7.99 and also direct from CAMRA: or 01727 867201

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