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Environmental team puts down its roots

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Environmental team puts down its roots
Article date: 25 Jul 2013

Staff from DHL J D Wetherspoon national distribution centre, ‘Go W.E.S.T’ (Wetherspoon Environment Strategy Team), in Daventry, have been planting trees, as part of Climate Week.

The initiative, at Daventry Country Park, saw volunteers planting numerous trees and hedges, working towards their ‘tree for every pub’ goal.

Climate Week is Britain’s biggest climate-change campaign, with half a million people attending 3,000 events each year, run by schools, businesses, charities and councils.

Nick Tretis, general manager from DHL J D Wetherspoon, said: “Following our successful initiative to plant a ‘tree for every employee’, to help to offset their commute to work, we’ve focused on improving this target.

“Our new initiative to support Climate Week is to plant a ‘tree for every pub’, meaning that we will be planting almost 900 trees in the coming seasons, to demonstrate Wetherspoon and DHL’s commitment to the environment.”

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