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Drinking scotch while poets watch

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Drinking scotch while poets watch
Article date: 13 Jan 2012

The Red Lion pub has become a happy meeting place for a local creative writing group.

When tutor and prize-winning poet and writer Chris Sparkes was looking for a new venue, for one of his weekly classes, the Petersfield outlet provided the perfect place.

Chris said: “Pub manager Dom Humphries showed me the
splendid ‘whisky room’ – and it was ideal. With a large photograph of actor, writer and bibliophile Alec Guinness on the wall, it already had some literary connections.”

The group, which currently boasts 10 writers, read their stories, poems, novel extracts or articles, while Chris gives constructive feedback and advice, at the Tuesday afternoon sessions, in the separate dining area, known as the ‘whisky room’.

Chris said: “We have one writer who has won two short-story competitions and another completing a war-time novel, but my constant delight is to see the writers improve.

“We can also enjoy Wetherspoon’s excellent range of drinks and food as we work and are all absolutely delighted to be in the ‘whisky room’ – by far the best venue we have had."

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