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Doing the right thing at The Wrong ’Un

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Doing the right thing at The Wrong ’Un
Article date: 04 Apr 2011

Terry Fitzgerald, who runs The Wrong ’Un, in Bexleyheath, is chairman of the Bexleyheath branch of PubSafe scheme.

PubSafe is an organisation in which local licensees work as a group to make sure that their premises are safe and well managed. PubSafe also operates a ‘bar one; bar all’ policy. If someone misbehaves in one pub, he or she is barred from them all.

Terry, together with licensees in the London Borough of Bexley, has joined forces to promote a responsible drinking initiative.

The Borough of Bexley Police, working in partnership with PubSafe, has launched a joint campaign ‘Drink responsibly – drunks not welcome’.

Terry said: “Anything which raises public awareness about drunkenness is a good thing. All of my staff are fully aware that it is an offence to serve customers, if they are drunk. However, the customer is often unaware of this – which can make things difficult.”

As a result of the initiative, the council was shortlisted for a prestigious local government award for innovation, with Terry chosen to join the presentation team, as the representative for the local licensed trade.

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