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Design matters
Article date: 13 Jan 2014

The High Main in Byker is an interesting building which has been lovingly restored, exposing many original features, including the high-level timber trusses and original mosaic-tile fascias.

A photograph of the building from the 1930s has been used as artwork in the pub and transferred by a local tile supplier onto a tile mosaic internally.

Other features and structural alterations have been made by recycling all of the redundant steelwork and glass blocks from the building.

The seating booths were designed to be made from recycling the existing mezzanine joists, removed to the rear to create a walled garden.

The long-established local art group was also commissioned to complete a ceiling montage of local history.

The bar design has subtle connections with the local dog-racing stadium, using the tracks as wine displays and expressing the industrial metalwork feel and the original brickwork fabric as the interior design, paying respect to the important industrial history of the town.

Pub manager Jena McTurk (pictured) has made the short journey from her former pub, The Tilley Stone, in Gateshead, to the company’s new pub in Byker.

Her pub, The High Main, has opened on the site of a former wallpaper and paint shop.

The pub’s name refers to the High Main coal seam of the Lawson Main Colliery which stood near the site of the pub.

The High Main features a beer garden at the rear of the premises, as well as a range of photos, local history and artwork.

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