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Curry and crib wins fans

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Curry and crib wins fans
Article date: 02 Jan 2013

Crib player Brian Hinton, a regular customer at the Sir Isaac Pitman pub, is helping to revive the old pub game, alongside a Wetherspoon favourite.

Customers at the Trowbridge pub can enjoy the Curry and Crib Club, on Thursday evenings.

Brian, pictured right, one of the organisers of the group, told the Swindon Advertiser newspaper: “I used to play in a league and it seems there isn’t a league in Trowbridge any more that I know of.

“We were discussing this in the Sir Isaac Pitman and how it would be nice to have an evening of not just curry, but curry and crib.

“It’s a great game – one of those things that your parents teach you – or did. We want it to become a regular thing. You don’t always want to go every week, but, if you fancy it, you can have a game and a meal – mix and match it.”

Ricky Moran (second right), duty manager at the Sir Isaac Pitman, said: “The curry night is always popular with our regulars, but the crib gives customers an added interest. We hope that the combination will be a hit.”

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