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Community initiative helps vulnerable people

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Community initiative helps vulnerable people
Article date: 17 Nov 2011

The Picture Palace, in Braintree, has lent its support to a community initiative, which aims to help vulnerable people in the Essex town.

The pub, together with other local businesses, has signed up to the Braintree District Council’s Keep Safe project.

The trial scheme has been launched to help vulnerable people and those with learning difficulties to stay safe in Braintree, by providing places in the town centre where those in need can easily find help.

The Picture Palace is one of several businesses, including supermarkets and the library, to offer a service where people can make a telephone call to a parent, carer, support worked or the emergency services, if they are upset or need assistance.

The John Francis Basset, in Camborne, is taking part in a similar scheme as part of the Devon and Cornwall ‘Safe Places Scheme.'

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