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Close links between pub and breweries

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Close links between pub and breweries
Article date: 28 Sep 2012

The close relationship between Wetherspoon and local breweries is demonstrated in numerous pubs across the UK.

However, in two particular outlets, that pub-brewery link is more of a family affair.

Bar associate Sarah Bradford worked part time at The Poste of Stone, in Stone, just a stone’s throw (no pun intended!) from the town’s Lymestone Brewery, before moving closer to home to The Wheatsheaf in Stoke-on-Trent.

Her dad, Ian ‘Brad’ Bradford is the director, head brewer and chief designer of the recipes at the brewery, which he set up in 2008.

Mum Viv, known as Mrs Brad, is based in the office at the brewery, along with Lol (the family spaniel) and is responsible for sales, marketing and accounts.

Sarah (pictured with her parents), who is studying animal management at college, with a view to becoming a dog-handler in the police, said: “I used to help out at the brewery, before I joined Wetherspoon, helping dad with the brewing and cask-cleaning.

“But, now, life is busy with college and the pub, but at least I get to serve the occasional pint of Lymestone Brewery beer.”

Meanwhile, at The Moon & Bell, kitchen associate George Reed and his cousin, bar associate Dominic Reed, who both work at the pub in Loughborough, have family connections at Bateman’s Brewery.

George’s dad, Dominic’s uncle, Andrew Reed is the national sales director for the Lincolnshire-based brewer George Bateman and Son Ltd.

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