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Claire gets her skates on for charity

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Claire gets her skates on for charity
Article date: 06 Aug 2012

A former Scotland ladies’ international ice-hockey player, Claire Stewart, has gone back to the sport – 12 years after hanging up her skates.

Claire, who works as a shift manager at The Capital Asset, in Perth, took part in a charity match last year and has since returned to the ice.

“We raised £4,000 last year in a Scotland ladies match, in aid of breast cancer.

“I got the bug again and stayed on to train with the new Scotland team, training every week, and have recently taken part in an international tournament in Chamonix, in France.”

Claire originally played for her country from the age of 11 to 17, gaining her first cap aged 12 and following in the footsteps of her granddad Ian Forbes, who is in the British ice-hockey hall of fame.

Claire said: “It is taking a while to get back to fitness, with very shaky legs at first, but it is great to be out on the ice again.”

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