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Cider sensation

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Cider sensation
Article date: 20 Sep 2010

Cider is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, with a new wave of drinkers discovering just how varied, diverse and tasty this drink can be.

There are very few drinks with the enduring appeal of cider, commonly accepted to have lasted well over 2,000 years.

Today, cider is more popular than ever – a popularity which it enjoys worldwide.
The reason for this resurgence? Well, more and more of us are embracing the versatility and variety of taste which cider delivers, way beyond the stereotypical, polarised perception of cider: either fizzy draught cider or cloudy strong scrumpy. Well, at last, our taste buds are waking up to the reality of the huge array of ciders out there for us to enjoy.

We all accept that wines come in a seemingly infinite variety of tastes, dependent on the grapes used. Well, cider is exactly the same, with hundreds of types of apple, each with its own taste and aroma – to create a distinctive drink.
As we discover and appreciate these new ciders, an increasingly growing and ever-creative band of cider-makers is enthusiastically creating new tastes and styles, as well as using new innovations. The resultant cider is very exciting.
To reflect this, we have introduced a new range of ciders, some of which you will notice are available permanently, while others will form part of our changing guest cider range – just like we have for our ales. Enjoy.

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