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Christmas Eve event in Perth, Scotland

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Christmas Eve event in Perth, Scotland
Article date: 01 Jan 2009

‘No room at the Inn’ was an apt title for a very special Christmas Eve event at The Capital Asset, in Perth, Scotland.

The pub shared Christmas cheer with staff, customers and worshippers from a nearby parish church, in a Christmas Eve service at the outlet.

The decision to hold the half-hour Watchnight service at the pub, instead of next door at St Matthew’s Church of Scotland, proved a great success.

The 11.30pm service, which included Away in a Manger among the four Christmas carols, featured an interactive story of Christmas, with staff dressed as the wise men and angels.

The informal service was led by Rev Scott Burton, the minister from St Matthew’s Church.

The pub’s manager, Yvonne Cuthbert, said: “Scott is a customer at the pub and even holds meetings here. When he came to me with the idea for the service, I agreed completely.

“Our aim was to bring the story of Christmas back home and the message was to encourage our neighbours to work together.

“The atmosphere was very festive. Everyone enjoyed the experience – and I was delighted with the response.”

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