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Chester angels put the community first

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Chester angels put the community first
Article date: 22 Mar 2012

The Forest House and The Square Bottle, both Wetherspoon pubs in Chester, are continuing to support a local pub-watch-style initiative, known as ArcAngel, launched last year in the town.

The two pubs were among the first to back the scheme and were both accredited ArcAngel premises, following an assessment.

They met the standards required for accreditation, signed up to the scheme’s code of practice and display a plaque on the front door of the pub.

ArcAngel is the joint approach to tackling alcohol-related crime between Cheshire Police and a range of other agencies, including local councils, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and NHS trusts.

The name is derived from the acronym ARC (alcohol-related crime) and ‘Angels’ who, historically, are strong cultural icons.

The brand represents a standards-based approach adopted by all agencies, working in partnership with the licensed trade, to target the problem of alcohol-related crime and disorder, as well as underage drinking and alcohol-related incidents.

Pictured (left to right): Peter Goring, licensing enforcement officer, pub managers Helen Cazaly (The Forest House) and Claire Barrett (The Square Bottle).

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