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Charitable efforts help two worthy causes

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Charitable efforts help two worthy causes
Article date: 05 Feb 2012

Staff at The Brandon Works have collectively raised£1,500, to be shared between two charities, with fund-raising activities at the Motherwell pub.

A sponsored leg-waxing event amassed £750 and a charity quiz night, hosted by Real Radio DJ Steve McKenna (centre) generated £670.

Bar associate Craig Menzies topped up the total with a sponsored walk from The Brandon Works to The Counting House, in Glasgow – a 15-mile walk.

The money is being split between Scope and two Cambodian families, whose main breadwinner has been injured or lost a limb, through land mines, and is unable to provide for his family.

Pictured (left to right) with Steve McKenna are staff members Daryl Howard, Julia McLellan and Carina Canning, who were also the event organisers, and shift manager Gary Winning.

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