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Centenary celebrations – flying high

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Centenary celebrations – flying high
Article date: 22 Nov 2010

The Clydesdale Inn was the venue for a very special invitation-only commemorative dinner, organised by the Lanark Air Show Centenary Committee.

The Lanark pub hosted a celebration meal to mark the 100th anniversary of the Lanark International Aviation Meeting.

The original event, held at the same venue in August 1910, was a glittering prize-giving gala at the end of the third-ever air show to be held in Britain.

The Clydesdale Inn kitchen manager Scott Horne and shift manager Gary Winning were given the task of creating a 2010 version of the original official dinner.

The pair managed to adapt the Wetherspoon menu and offer a meal in the spirit of the original.

The main courses included ‘Sir George Cayley salmon, with a glider sauce’ and ‘Bleriot sausages, with monoplane mash and crash-landing gravy’, both named after famous aviation pioneers, as well as ‘centenary steak with air show sauce’.

The Houston Brewing Company, in Renfrewshire, also brewed a special aviation ale for the occasion.

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