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Cast adds historic interest

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Cast adds historic interest
Article date: 26 Apr 2012

Customers and staff at The Hatchet Inn, in Newbury, were surprised to see 12 men in Victorian costumes at the pub.

They included a member of parliament, a police constable, a solicitor, a vicar, a minster, a doctor and two grave-diggers.

The men were among the cast of ‘In the Beginning’, a dramatic re-enactment of the 1847 Parliamentary Enquiry into the establishment of the Newbury Cemetery.

The production, sponsored by Wetherspoon, gave an insight into life in Victorian Newbury and was performed during the town’s Heritage Weekend.

The Hatchet Inn’s manager, Paul Read, said: “We were delighted to sponsor the production and to welcome members of the cast into the pub for a well-earned drink, after their two sell-out performances.”

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