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Britain's most admired pub company

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Britain's most admired pub company
Article date: 05 Mar 2014

J D Wetherspoon is the most admired pub company in the UK.

In addition, the company has been named as the second most admired company in the restaurants and pubs sector and the 63rd most admired company in the UK across all sectors. Its standings were highlighted in Management Today’s Britain’s Most Admired Companies 2013.

The magazine undertook its research in conjunction with Birmingham City Business School. Britain’s largest public companies in 25 sectors were asked to evaluate their peers. Each sector comprised 10 companies – and participants rated their sector’s rivals on a scale of 0 to 10 (0=poor, 5=average, 10=excellent).

The criteria on which the individual companies were judged were: quality of management, quality of goods and services, quality of marketing, ability to attract, develop and retain top talent, value as a long-term investment, community & environmental responsibility, financial soundness, value of corporate assets and capacity to innovate. Wetherspoon’s chief executive, John Hutson, said: “It is fantastic that the company has been named as the most admired in our own sector and so highly across all sectors. “This is due to the hard work of our excellent staff, both in the pubs and at head office, and our thanks go to them.”

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