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Bridgehouse's full house

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Bridgehouse's full house
Article date: 08 Aug 2012

The entire selection of Bridgehouse Brewery’s beers was being served at The Spinning Mule, in Bolton, for one night only.

The meet-the-brewer event, showcasing ales from the West Yorkshire-based brewery, proved to be a great success, with all seven beers on offer.

The beers being served were Stokers Bitter, Blonde, Heathcliff Stout, Barnstormer Pale, Moorland Bitter, Tyke Bitter and Diken Gold.

Bar associate Donna Hinton is pictured, centre, with representatives from the brewery (far left and far right), who hosted a quiz and question-and-answer session, and customers.

Colin Birchall, duty manager at The Spinning Mule, said: “The event went down a treat – and Bridgehouse put on a really good show.

“We requested Bridgehouse to create a special brew for us, which we have asked our regulars to name. The new ale will be Nat’s Pride, named after the Bolton Wanderers legend Nat Lofthouse."

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