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Brewing up interest in local ale

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Brewing up interest in local ale
Article date: 26 Jul 2012

A group of 25 regular customers from The Lime Kiln enjoyed the Liverpool pub’s first brewery tour.

Bar associate and area cellar champion David Evans (left) organised the visit to the nearby Peerless Brewing Company, in Birkenhead.

The mini-bus tour stopped off at The Brass Balance and The John Laird (both in Birkenhead), en route to the brewery, as well as popping in at The Clairville (Wallasey) on the route back to The Lime Kiln.

Rachael Taylor (right), shift manager, said: “The Peerless beers are very popular at our pub and we have a great relationship with Peerless MD Steve Briscoe (centre) and everyone at the brewery.

“We all enjoyed a couple of hours’ tour of the brewery and had a sampling session, with the opportunity to try a selection of beers.”

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