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Breakfast at Wetherspoon

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Breakfast at Wetherspoon
Article date: 13 May 2013

Author Dennis Swift was inspired to pen a poem about his local Wetherspoon pub, following an unplanned visit to The Thomas Burke, in Leigh.

The rhyme, which has been featured on local radio and in the local newspapers in the Lancashire town, is also one of 52 published in Dennis’s book – Football Rhymes of Passion.

Dennis (pictured), a member of South East Lancs CAMRA, said: “Wetherspoon has a lot to answer for! I took my car for repair and had to catch the bus home, but, before I did, I could not resist a breakfast at The Thomas Burke.

“Because it was so cold outside, I decided to have a few beers – and the escapade prompted me to write about my fine experience in my local Wetherspoon establishment.”

My car’s been playing up this week and needs an urgent repair; So I booked it in the local garage and much to my despair; The price of putting things to right will cost an arm and a leg; It’s gonna take a massive chunk from my dwindling nest-egg; So, I left my car and walked into town – it was only half past eight; The pavements were full of ice and I couldn’t walk that straight; I didn’t fancy the bus journey home to return mid afternoon; So I made way across the town to J D Wetherspoon.

The pressure fell from my weary mind – I felt at home in here; So I ordered a big fat breakfast and a pint of real beer; The choice of beer was very good and I ordered a Christmas ale; Turkey’s Trauma seemed the perfect choice and the taste it didn’t fail.

I was nice and comfortable sitting there and didn’t want to move; Another pint of real ale and I was really in the groove; With the feel-good factor kicking in comes an urgent desire for more; So it’s back to the bar for another pint of this beer I just adore; Well it’s coming up to dinner time and my wife is going frantic; Shouting at me down my phone about my latest antic; She said “you only took the car for repair and should be back at home”; But no one’s prising me away from my Wetherspoon pleasure dome.

The time had come to make a move and brave the frosty air; It was a very difficult decision to leave my comfy chair; Across the road to catch the bus and go and face the wife; Another mess I got me in – it’s the story of my life.

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