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Bill's centenary celebration

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Bill's centenary celebration
Article date: 06 Aug 2012

A true local legend, William Lanaway, celebrated his 100th birthday at The Sun, in Redhill.

Known to everyone as Bill, he is an active member of the Royal British Legion and still helps, every year, to sell poppies in the local shopping centre.

To celebrate his centenary, the Royal British Legion presented him with a collection of medals.

Bill was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Pioneer Corps and led his 170 Company onto the Normandy Beaches on D-Day. After retiring from the army, he worked in newspapers
for the Daily Mail and the local Surrey Mirror newspaper.

At 100, Bill still enjoys life to the full. In fact, he was late for his birthday party at The Sun, as he had travelled to the pub by bus, while, after the celebrations, he was off dancing!

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