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Belfast’s best value
Article date: 01 May 2009

The Bridge House, in Belfast, has won an award for offering the ‘best all-round value in Northern Ireland’.

The award was presented to the pub’s manager, Barry McKervey, by Mark Hutchinson (pictured right to left), the founder of

During the past ten years, Mark has visited hundreds of pubs, bars, hotels, restaurants and cafés throughout Northern Ireland, in order to review their food and drink.

His reports are carried on his Web site. He said: “I make the award annually – and The Bridge House is a very worthy winner.

“I have been a regular at the pub since it opened in 2000 and have always enjoyed the atmosphere.

“The cask ales are the big attraction. As the handling and serving experience of such ales have grown locally, it has been a pleasure to taste such a wide variety each month.

“In a country where little cask ale has been available for many years, it is great that The Bridge House serves such a great range – and at an excellent price too.

“The food is wholesome and something which the ordinary person can appreciate – and it is great that children and vegetarians are well catered for too.

“The atmosphere of an establishment is what makes the customer think about returning; nine years after opening in Belfast, The Bridge House is still vibrant.”

The pub’s manager, Barry McKervey, said: “It is a wonderful honour to win the award.

“It is especially rewarding as the award’s organiser, Mark Hutchinson, visited outlets across Northern Ireland and chose The Bridge House as the one which offers the ‘best all-round value’.

“The pub is extremely popular with people of all ages and is a well-known feature of Belfast’s bustling social scene.”

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