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Beer with the X factor

Beer with the X factor
Article date: 01 Feb 2010

Customers at The Battesford Court, in Witham, raised a glass to X Factor runner-up Olly Murs, who hails from the Essex town.

The pub’s customers enjoyed an exclusive beer, ‘Olly Olly Olly’, commissioned by the pub from The Mighty Oak Brewing Company.

The Battesford Court’s manager, David Boys (pictured left, with brewer John Boyce), said: “We wanted to honour a local hero who has brought a lot of fun and excitement to the town and the country, so we turned to another local favourite – Mighty Oak.
“The ale which Mighty Oak brewed was fantastic – and our customers, who are the best judges, gave it a big thumbs-up.”

Mighty Oak Brewing Company’s owner, John Boyce, said: “We were pleased to do our bit to support Olly and to celebrate his success.”

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