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Award recognises the quality of children’s menu

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Award recognises the quality of children’s menu
Article date: 15 Oct 2013

Wetherspoon has been named as the leading pub chain for children’s meals.

Our children’s menu was voted the third best in the UK among major pub and restaurant chains and number-one among pubs.

The Out to Lunch campaign, from the Soil Association and Organix, analysed the content of meals, as well as overall provision for children, at 21 high-street chains.

Several pub and restaurant chains were criticised for concentrating their menus on nuggets, burgers and sausages and also for failing to provide vegetables or fruit.

Out to Lunch co-ordinator Amy Leech said: “Wetherspoon is leading the way in some key areas. It’s great to see UK produced ham and sausages on its menu, and the pubs certainly do their bit to top up the children’s five-a-day.

“Parents surveyed really rated the welcome given to children at Wetherspoon pubs.”

Wetherspoon’s senior food development manager, Jameson Robinson, said: “We are very pleased to be recognised for the work we have undertaken on our children’s menu.

“Wetherspoon serves more than two million children’s meals each year across our pubs and we appreciate the importance of sourcing UK ingredients and offering balanced meals.

“We know that there is still more work to do to enhance the menu further, including offering varying portion sizes – and we will be working towards this.”

The children’s menu features a variety of dishes from a vegetarian cheesy pasta with peas and broccoli to a favourite of chicken breast nuggets, served with a choice of chips or mashed potato and peas or beans. 

The menu also contains the very trendy hot dog and a family favourite – Sunday roast. All meals include a drink and a bag of fresh fruit.

Each dish on the menu is highlighted with its good food messages, showing parents which meals contain part of their children’s five-a-day, plus free-range eggs, 100% British Farm-assured and 100% chicken breast meat.

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