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Ancient ale test

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Ancient ale test
Article date: 13 Jan 2014

Two Wetherspoon pubs in Gloucester took part in an ancient tradition to test the quality of their real ale.

The Water Poet and The Regal participated in the Sheriff of Gloucester’s Assize of Ale 2013 – and both passed.

The assize dates from medieval times, when the sheriff was responsible for checking the quality of ale on sale in the city – and still continues to this day.

Both pubs received a certificate to confirm that they had “duly taken part in the ancient tradition of the assize of ale, thereby allowing the ale on sale in this establishment to be subjected to scrutiny by the aleconner and the sergeant-at-arms, on behalf of the Sheriff of Gloucester and Her Majesty the Queen. ‘The ale has been certified by us as being of palatable quality.”

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