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An ale with plenty of character

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An ale with plenty of character
Article date: 02 Jan 2013

Four pubs in and around Nottingham have joined forces to offer their customers an exclusive new house ale.

The Nottingham Brewery has produced a pale, golden and hoppy session-style ale, with a 4.5% ABV, which is being served at the four pubs, each with a different name.

At The Samuel Hall, in Sherwood, the beer is called ‘Bus Depot Bitter’, to mark the pub’s previous life as the old bus depot, while, at The Ernehale, in Arnold, a pint of ‘Erne Ale’ is the request for the same beer.

At The Woodthorpe Top, in Mapperley, the ale is known as ‘Top Tipple’ – and at The Free Man, in Carlton, customers can ask for a pint of ‘Hill Top Bitter’.

Kenny Sissons, pub manager at The Samuel Hall, said: “We had a trial a while back – and the ale proved very popular. It is now back as a permanent house ale, and regulars are enjoying their own pub’s version.”

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