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A very exclusive local ale

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A very exclusive local ale
Article date: 08 Jan 2014

A Scottish Wetherspoon pub is going ‘back to the future’ in an exclusive deal with a new heritage brewery.

The Guildhall & Linen Exchange, in Dunfermline, is the only pub in the world which offers Abbot Brew House beers at the pump.

The brewery, located in the nearby Abbot House heritage centre, officially opened on 12 October and produces beer using pre-industrialised methods.

“We’re not your typical microbrewery,” said John Reade, master brewer at the Abbot Brew House, referring to the traditional brewing methods which he employs.

He explains. “The grain is reused in the process, after the water is drained out – creating ‘small’ beer, such as our Pilgrim beer, and also ‘strong’ beer – we have one called Benedictus.”

John produces eight beers, including Pot Stirrer (traditional Scottish red ale, 4.5% ABV) and Ale Wand (dark and malty, 5.5% ABV).

The brews are not filtered, as most beer is today, but modern tastes have been taken into account, said John: “It’s recognising the past, but it’s a 21st-century beer.”

“We are hugely proud of the quality of ale we provide in The Guildhall,” said shift manager Pete Johnston, the man who had the idea of bringing the Abbot brews to The Guildhall.

He added: “Links with breweries are good, especially local ones – given that the brewery is under 200 yards away, it doesn’t get much more local!

“John has a huge reputation in the area for his knowledge and quality of ales – and we feel that this is a huge scoop for us.”

The link with the brewery is just one of many for the Dunfermline pub, which hosts monthly meet-the-brewer question-and-answer and tasting sessions, with experts from breweries across Scotland.

Abbot Brew House runs brew days every Sunday (except public holiday weekends), until April 2014. The maximum number attending is restricted to four people, at a cost of £85 per person. To register, please e-mail your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number (including your preferred brewing dates) to or send to: Abbot Brew House, Abbot House Heritage centre, Maygate, Dunfermline, KY12 7NE

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