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A memorable golden celebration

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A memorable golden celebration
Article date: 08 Aug 2012

There were celebrations at The Jack Phillips for Dennis and Susan Halls and their family.

The couple marked their golden wedding anniversary at the Godalming pub, where Wetherspoon presented them with a bottle of champagne to toast their 50th year of marriage.

Dennis and Susan were engaged in Llandudno, and were married in Godalming in March 1962.

The couple, who spent their honeymoon in Baker Street, London now lives in Bramley, Surrey.

Their daughter Katie said: “My dad is probably Wetherspoon’s biggest fan: not only do my parents seek Wetherspoon pubs wherever they go, but they have told all of their friends and my two sisters and me about the pubs.

“They speak about the great value for money and the architecture of the beautiful old buildings which the company chooses. So, a Wetherspoon pub for their anniversary celebrations was the obvious choice.”

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