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A magical start to your holiday

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A magical start to your holiday
Article date: 26 Jul 2012

Travellers enjoying a drink or meal at The Crown Rivers have also enjoyed being entertained by a magician.

Mike Stoner, a professional magician and mind-reader, has been performing his magic regularly for customers at the pub at Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

Mike specialises in ‘close-up’ magical entertainment, using cards, coins, watches, rings and psychological techniques. (

Graham Farr, pub manager at The Crown Rivers, said: “Not too many Wetherspoon pubs have had a magician working in them – and it’s probably not what you’d expect at a busy airport.

“We’re still scratching our head over some of the magic! Mike has amazed our customers, as well as us.”

Mike said: “There is a great atmosphere at The Crown Rivers – and everyone has been keen to see me perform my magic and mind-reading.

“It’s also a lot of fun to meet so many different people, all heading off to different parts of the world, in among domestic travellers.”

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