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A lasting tribute to Phil

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A lasting tribute to Phil
Article date: 22 Aug 2012

A family tribute to a locally known pub enthusiast has been unveiled, outside the Cabot Court Hotel, in Weston-super-Mare.

Phil Oxendale, who died in June last year, following a battle with progressive Alzheimer’s disease, is remembered with a bench on the seafront, by the pub.

Phil was a long-term shareholder and frequenter of Wetherspoon pubs. A member of CAMRA, he was a regular visitor to Weston from his home in Walsall.

His son, David, said: “I wanted a memorial which would fit his character.

“He loved the sea and the countryside in this part of Somerset, so the words on his bench (‘A Pie, A Pint, A View. We will always remember you.’) capture everything that dad loved.”

Chris Partridge, pub manager at Cabot Court Hotel, said: “The bench is a fitting tribute to a well-known and well-liked man."

Pub manager Chris Partridge (right) is pictured with Phil’s widow Audrey, son David and daughter Julie.

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