11 September 2015


(For the 52 weeks ended 26 July 2015)


Before exceptional items
 Revenue 1,513.9m (2014: 1,409.3m) +7.4%
 Like-for-like sales +3.3%
 Profit before tax 77.8m (2014: 79.4m)
 Earnings per share (including shares held in trust) 47.0p (2014: 47.0p) -2.0%
 Free cash flow per share 89.8p (2014: 74.1p) +21.2%
 Full year dividend 12.0p (2014: 12.0p) Maintained

After exceptional items*

 Profit before tax 58.7m (2014: 78.4m) -25.1%

 Earnings per share (including shares held in trust) 36.7p (2014: 32.8p) +11.9%

* Exceptional items as disclosed in account note 5.

Current trading

In the six weeks to 6 September 2015, like-for-like sales increased by 1.4%, with total sales increasing by 5.2%.

As previously stated on 15 July 2015, a number of factors likely to influence our trading performance this financial year are difficult to quantify at this early stage. Positive aspects include an increase in pub numbers, a better economy and slightly lower interest rates; less favourable aspects include heightened competition from supermarkets and restaurant groups and increased staff, repairs, bar and food costs. We continue to anticipate a trading performance similar to, or slightly above, that achieved in the last financial year.

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Preliminary Results Announcement 11 September 2015
Q1 Interim Management Statement 4 November 2015
AGM 12 November 2015

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