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USA burger a knock-out winner

USA burger a knock-out winner

Article date: 26 Apr 2012

The Robert Peel, in Bury, staged a very unusual month-long event, to find the pub’s most popular burger choice with its customers.

Various filling combinations were named after eight countries, to battle it out in a knockout football World Cup-style series of matches.

The Burger World Cup saw England ‘kick off ’ the event, against the Mexico burger. The beef burger, black pudding & egg combo was up against chicken breast, salsa, sour cream and jalapeños.

The ‘England’ option won through to meet the USA’s beef burger, bacon, cheese and barbecue sauce, in the final.

The victorious burger from each week-long round was the one with the most sales throughout the week.

The other competing countries’ burgers were Norway (with a battered cod filling), Jamaica (with Reggae Reggae sauce), France (on garlic bread), Spain (with salsa and chorizo) and Denmark (with blue cheese sauce).

Shift leader Wendy Cliffe, pictured with duty manager Rob Burgess and the winning USA burger choice, said: “Bury is well known for black pudding; so, even though I thought it a curious mix, the ‘England’ burger proved to be very popular.

“However, the USA combination, with bacon, cheese and barbecue sauce, is always a firm favourite. It was a close-run contest, but the USA won in the end.”

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