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Surveys highlight Wetherspoon as a national favourite

Surveys highlight Wetherspoon as a national favourite

Article date: 22 Sep 2012

Wetherspoon was second in an industry survey to find out where people like to eat, when dining away from home.

The Peach BrandTrack research was based on a survey of 5,000 consumers, who were asked to choose which would be their first choice of a place to eat (from a list of 15 leading pub and casual dining brands), if all were available at the same location.

In a separate survey, Wetherspoon was number-one, based on the choices of people eating out at Britain’s top six pub and restaurant brands during a six-month period.

Wetherspoon’s chief executive, John Hutson, said: “The two surveys clearly highlight how much people enjoy eating in our pubs.

“Our menu offers a fantastic range of meals, at superb prices, with the emphasis on quality.”

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