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New chip on the block

New chip on the block

Article date: 13 Jan 2012

Tuck into the new chips at Wetherspoon and you will be enjoying a taste of the iconic, great British chip. 100% British grown; 100% British produced; 100% top quality.

The provenance of the chip is extremely important. Let’s face it, when the potato arrives at renowned chip-maker McCain (which supplies Wetherspoon), the guys there simply grade, wash, peel and prepare them. So, the quality of the raw product is key.

The seed quality is critical in producing the finest chipping potato, influencing the taste and texture of the finished chip. Indeed the quality of the potato will have an impact on the chip’s absorbency during frying, its fluffiness, its end texture and its colour – little wonder McCain hand-pick their potato varieties and the band of British farmers to grow them.

Around 300 British farmers, many of which represent small family-run farms, partner with McCain to grow potatoes to their exacting standards. With a focus on quality, the farms are certified by the Red Tractor Assurance scheme, promoting sustainable environmentally responsible farming practices. This ‘farm-assured’ status ensures the very best practises and the very best quality. More than that, it signifies a band of people who share our passion for food.
McCain’s skill in selecting the best six potato varieties which provide year-round consistency in the chips, and the farmers’ skills in responding to ever changing soil and weather conditions is a proven and winning combination. So much effort and hard work produces what is ultimately a very simple thing, but one which brings so much pleasure – the great British chip.

One taste and we think you’ll agree all the effort is worth it.

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