Food Heroes

We are committed to sourcing the best-quality ingredients. Our menu offers an enticing mix of traditional British meals, along with popular and innovative international dishes. We source much of our food in the UK and have strict specifications for all our products. Read about some of our food heroes (suppliers) here!
Our British Potato Growers

There is something very British about chips – an iconic accompaniment to many a meal. When tucking in to your chips at Wetherspoon, you can rest assured that they are British-grown potatoes, by families such as the Lee family from Cambridgeshire.

Tony Lee runs the farm, with more than a little help from sons Robert and Stephen, plus daughter Sarah.

This is a real family effort, as Tony explains: “Stephen is ultimately responsible for growing the crop; Robert takes care of storing it; Sarah takes care of marketing and selling. I just keep a watchful, experienced eye on all of them! As a family, we have been growing potatoes now for 50 years. 

“The quality of the land is key: good soil and proper drainage, but also plenty of moisture. Yes, technology can help you along, but, to grow great potatoes, you have to have a feel for it. 

“The challenges are many, but our family takes great pride in helping to maintain the quality of ‘the great British chip’.” 


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