Food Heroes

We are committed to sourcing the best-quality ingredients. Our menu offers an enticing mix of traditional British meals, along with popular and innovative international dishes. We source much of our food in the UK and have strict specifications for all our products. Read about some of our food heroes (suppliers) here!
Free-Range British Eggs

Richard and Caroline Kempsey are among the band of dedicated British egg producers, helping to supply the 15 million free-range eggs which our customers enjoy every year.The birds demand top-quality care – and Richard explains just why there is no time to sit back and enjoy the view: “We farm on 56 acres in Shropshire and have, over a 10-year period, grown to own some 22,000 free-range birds. “ It’s very rewarding caring for outdoor birds.

We planted a third of our farm with long-term forestry, to provide shelter and interest for the birds, but we also have to ensure that the birds have sufficient
food, drink and shelter from the elements – every day. That’s not to mention keeping them safe from predators.

“It is very challenging, but equally very rewarding, providing
a good-quality life to the birds.”

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