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We are committed to sourcing the best-quality ingredients. Our menu offers an enticing mix of traditional British meals, along with popular and innovative international dishes. We source much of our food in the UK and have strict specifications for all our products. Read about some of our food heroes (suppliers) here!
Our Sustainable Shetland Salmon

“Shetland fish farms really benefit from the wild, fast-flowing seas, as well as the meeting of the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. When you stand in the middle of the North Sea, checking on the fish, it really can be very wet and very wild. “ It can’t be avoided that the salmon are contained, but great care is taken to ensure that the ratio in the farm is never more than 2% fish to 98% water.

“ By farming salmon, we can preserve the sustainability of this great fish, but we are always learning – and look to use the farms to harness the natural elements to provide excellent conditions to raise the fish.

“Moreover, I genuinely believe that the quality of Shetland salmon and the overall ecological impact are balanced: we keep the fish happy – and the Wetherspoon customers get a great-tasting salmon fillet.”

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