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Please be sure to check the FAQs below before subitting your enquiry. We may have already answered your question.




Many of our pubs have separate areas for hire, with some even hiring out the whole pub (including bar, music and bands). Please contact your local pub for more details and to discuss your requirements.

For smaller groups, we can usually reserve a table or area for drinks and a meal. It might not always be possible, but our teams will do their very best to accommodate your needs.

Chat to your local manager or click here to find details of the pub which you wish to visit.



Very few Wetherspoon pubs have their own car park, but, given the central location of many of our pubs, a charge for parking is often required (to prevent unauthorised use). In some cases, a proportion of the cost of parking may be reimbursed, but please check directly with your pub of choice. Also, please read the signage displayed in these car parks for any other local terms and conditions.


J D Wetherspoon is Britain’s biggest supporter of microbrewers and actively works with local CAMRA branches (the Campaign for Real Ale). Every year, we support CAMRA by providing its members with discount vouchers, worth up to £20, for real ale at Wetherspoon. Check the back of the vouchers’ terms and conditions for details about how to redeem them against the cost of your pint.

As well as real ale, we also accept vouchers against purchases of real and draught, hand-pulled ciders.

Also, remember that Wetherspoon prides itself on the value of our ales – all day every day.





We receive a large number of requests for donations, sponsorship and charitable appeals.
Obviously, we would like to help all of them, but are unable to. Our nominated charity is CLIC Sargent (the leading cancer charity for children, young people and their families, in the UK), towards which we direct all of our support and fundraising efforts.

We are sorry that we are unable to support your very worthy cause and wish you good luck.



A full nutritional and allergen information guide (Our Food) is available in our pubs and on our website.


While we are fond of dogs, we allow only registered assistance dogs in our pubs and hotels, including into gardens and patio areas.


To avoid confusion when with a registered assistance dog, please ensure that it is readily identifiable by means of its leash, collar or harness. It is also helpful if you bring along your own identification which explains the dog’s purpose.


Customers are requested to remain fully clothed throughout their visit, including wearing shoes and tops. In addition, some of our pubs do operate a specific dress code, at all or certain times. Please contact the pub directly, before visiting.


Neither electronic cigarettes nor vaporisers are permitted in any area where smoking is not permitted, including hotel rooms and external areas.


As you would expect from a pub, we offer free entry. However, at certain times, some of our pubs may charge an admission fee.


Families are welcome in the majority of our pubs, except for just a few pubs which do not hold the necessary licensing permission.

As you will appreciate, it’s a very difficult area, as we have responsibilities to look after the best interests of all of our customers.

Children under 16 years of age are permitted in our pubs, if accompanied by a person aged 18 years or over. 

Unaccompanied young people, aged 16–17 years, are welcome to order and consume food and non-alcoholic drinks only.

There may be times when the serving of alcohol is limited or refused to whole groups which include customers under the age of 18.

Entry times for under-18s can differ from pub to pub, so we always suggest that you contact the pub which you wish to visit – to confirm these times.

Please note, some of our pubs may request that all members of the party order a main meal (with the exception of babies and toddlers), should any adult aged 18 years over wish to consume alcohol. 


Our gift vouchers may be used to buy food and drink in any Wetherspoon pub and to pay for accommodation at our hotels. To order online and for more information, click here.


We are pleased to accept the following methods of payment: cash and most credit/debit cards (with the exception of Diners Club International).

Several pubs also accept foreign currency and euros, including our airports and some central London pubs.


In addition, all of our pubs accept J D Wetherspoon gift vouchers, except those pubs in The Republic of Ireland. Unfortunately, we do not accept cheques.


None of our food is certified as Halal. We have no plans to introduce Halal food in the future. All animals are stunned prior to slaughter and the process used complies with UK & EU legislation.


In addition to letters and phone calls received, Wetherspoon gains valuable insight to the ‘pub experience’ through its mystery shopper programme. The scheme involves thousands of everyday customers visiting our pubs and scoring them according to their experience – every pub receives at least two such assessments a month. If you are interested in becoming a mystery shopper, please contact Market Force: 01908 328000


If you have seen a property which would be suitable as a Wetherspoon pub, please CLICK HERE to let us know.  



The opening and closing times for pubs can vary and are subject to change. Not all pubs serve alcohol for the entire period of opening. 

The opening and closing times are published on our website. 


In order to pay a deposit to reserve a table for special promoted events such as Mothers Day and Christmas Day simply speak to the duty manager. 


For all press and media related enquiries please contact our Press Officer, Eddie Gershon on 07956 39 22 34.


For various reasons (rents, rates, staffing, local competition and so on), we price our pubs individually. This tends to be the case with all pubs, in general. However, we do try to achieve the lowest prices, on average, in each location where we trade.


If you look under the age of 21 years (Challenge 21) or 25 years (Challenge 25), we will request that you prove that you are over 18, before you are served alcohol.

The proof-of-age documents which we accept in our pubs and bars are a valid UK passport, UK photocard driving licence, military ID or any PASS-accredited proof-of-age card. Staff are also able to accept foreign passports and ID cards; however, if unsure of their authenticity or unfamiliar with their features, they may feel unable to accept them. Please note that there may be exceptions to this, subject to local licensing and police advice.


Identification or proof of age other than those above will not be accepted.


For more information on our pubs in the Republic of Ireland please visit


Pub managers, staff and door staff do have the right to refuse entry and are under no obligation to give a reason.


Many of our pubs will show the major sporting events available on terrestrial TV. A limited few also show Sky TV. Please contact the pub of your choice directly for confirmation of any events which it is showing.


We receive many requests for information and regret being unable to answer individual questions or complete questionnaires, especially those of a confidential nature.


General company information may be found by visiting our website, the investors section of which displays our annual reports and trading update. Please also see the Wetherspoon News magazine, available in our pubs.


Pub managers and staff have the right to refuse service.


All of our pubs welcome feedback from customers. Please let us know, via TripAdvisor, about your experience in any of our pubs or hotels.


Most of our pubs offer television, showing mainly the news, with subtitles. On occasions, selected pubs may show major sporting events, with sound.


We support entirely voluntary work experience programmes, in particular those for the young, the disabled and ex-military. These are programmes where candidates will not lose any benefits if they do not participate in the programme; usually, candidates are paid to complete this experience.


We do not support programmes if attendance is mandatory for benefits to be retained, for example Workfare.


The majority of our pubs and all our hotels offer FREE Wi-Fi, with The Cloud. Select WiFi - The Cloud from the network list. This service is not available in our airport locations.

For troubleshooting please visit

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