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World Beers

World Beers


Discover our range of imported lagers from the world’s leading brewers.


World Beers Menu

  • Modelo Especial

    Modelo Especial

    4.5% ABV, 355ml, 1.6 units

  • Tsingtao


    China’s No.1 premium beer 4.7% ABV 640ml, 3.0 units

  • Kingfisher


    India’s No.1 beer 4.8% ABV 650ml, 3.1 units

  • Birra Moretti

    Birra Moretti

    Italy’s No.1 beer 4.6% ABV 660ml, 3.0 units

  • Krombacher Pilsner

    Krombacher Pilsner

    Germany’s No.1 Pilsener 4.8% ABV 500ml, 2.4 units

  • Erdinger


    World’s No.1 wheat beer 5.3% ABV 500ml, 2.7 units

  • Efes


    No.1 Mediterranean beer 5.0% ABV 500ml, 2.5 units

  • Newcastle Brown Ale

    Newcastle Brown Ale

    Northeast’s No.1 brown ale 4.7% ABV 550ml, 2.6 units

  • Baltika 7

    Baltika 7

    Russia’s No.1 beer 5.5% ABV 500ml, 2.8 unit

  • Tyskie Gronie

    Tyskie Gronie

    Poland’s No.1 5.5% ABV 500ml, 2.8 units

  • Staropramen


    No.1 Czech beer 5.0% ABV 500ml, 2.5 units

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