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Our Lavazza coffee (Italy’s favourite) is certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

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  • Lavazza Coffee

    Lavazza Coffee

    Italy's favourite coffee – being 100% Rainforest-Alliance-certified coffee, Lavazza helps to build schools and communities and has already planted 27,000 rainforest trees.

  • Filter coffee (Black)

    • Large 8kcal
  • Filter coffee (with milk)

    • Large 23kcal
  • Cappuccino

    • Small 79kcal
    • Large 103kcal
  • Latte

    • Small 88kcal
    • Large 115kcal
  • Mocha

    • Small 138kcal
    • Large 162kcal
  • Espresso

    • Small 5kcal
    • Large 10kcal

  • Tea

    A hot cup of Tetley's
    Tea (with milk) 

    • large 16kcal

  • Hot chocolate

    Perfect for those cold winter months ahead.
    Hot chocolate with or without cream.

    • Large (calories shown without optional cream) 213kcal

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