It's summer and it's time for our fourth annual Cider Festival! We have an even bigger selection than ever this year, with 25 unique and refreshing ciders for you to try. Re-discover all your favourite flavours, sip on award-winning ciders, and surprise your taste buds. Try some of our more unusual options like beetroot, rhubarb and ginger & chilli!

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Meet the ciders

Check out all 25 festival ciders available for you to try. They've come from all over the country, just pick a cider to find out more about it.
Cornish Orchards Farmhouse
Cornwall - Cornish Orchards
4.8 % ABV
With a twist of Herefordshire blackcurrant juice from Pixley Berries, this rich, fresh and fruity sensation will delight the taste buds and quench the thirst.

Rate this cider:

Total votes: 1162
Ginger and Chilli Cider 4.74
Rhubarbed 4.69
Thistly Cross Cider Whisky Cask 4.31
Twist Raspberry 4.22
The Hog Father 4.06
Thistly Cross Cider Original 4.03
Pyder 4.00
Welsh Gold 3.93
Woodsprite 3.91
Cloudy Cornish Scrumpy 3.88
Cross Farm Perry 3.83
Perry 3.73
Cheddar Valley 3.69
Boxing Dog 3.67
Hecks Cider 3.64
Doctor's Orders 3.60
Spadger 3.54
Beetroot Cider 3.49
Rich's Farmhouse Cider 3.36
Sheppy's Farmhouse Cider 3.20
Cornish Orchards Farmhouse 3.19
Panking Pole 3.17
Mill Somerset Tree Shaker 3.00
Pear Shaped 2.75
Summer Sweet Cider 2.62

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