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Working together – a team approach with all of our suppliers

For over 30 years, Wetherspoon has maintained a reputation not just for value, service and quality, but also for constant innovation. Indeed, quite often, our innovations have changed the whole pub sector; all of these innovations have needed the input, resourcefulness and commitment of our suppliers.

We listen constantly to our customers, staff and suppliers about ways to improve our offering. Whether it’s through new products, new practices or new equipment – if it helps us to keep our customers happy, then we want to know about it.

Ideas which can save money or add a point of difference will help us to add value and excitement to our pubs.

Our customers look for that value: give them a great product at a knock-out price and they will be loyal – it’s a simple philosophy and one which we use ourselves with our suppliers. We understand that a successful team relies on all of its members appreciating their role and feeling appreciated.

Admittedly, we demand a lot of our suppliers, as do our customers of us. However, we look to develop relationships which our suppliers find rewarding and which are built around accuracy, equality, honesty, openness and respect.

For us, the standard of a company’s business ethics is as important as that of the product which it supplies. Whatever your size, your country of operation or your own views, we expect you to respect your workers and those of your suppliers.

No product, however good, is worth anything, if it hasn’t afforded its workers appropriate conditions, pay and respect. The pub business is a people business – and, to us, people matter.

We also look to work with suppliers who think out of the box. The world is flat; man can’t fly; man can’t get to the moon – these all seemed perfectly sensible statements once, yet have all subsequently been proven to be totally wrong.

So, if a customer identifies a genuine need which might seem a bit tricky, it’s our job, as a team, to make it happen. It might not be easy, it might not always be cheap, but you have to try.

A can-do attitude has helped us to set the standards and will continue to do so.

Is your product just what we need?

Whether it helps with the smooth running of our pubs or is a new product for our customers, we would like to hear - and see - your ideas. You can present your product or service at one of our monthly supplier open days, where our team will give you 30 minutes to present your idea. Click here for our Terms and Conditions.

Here at Wetherspoon we are always striving to improve.

If you have any ideas you would like to see at your local, please get in touch!

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